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Bitcoin Gumball Machine

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"The Bitcoin Gumball Machine (BGM)"

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The Bitcoin Gumball Machine was the first launchpad released for Ordinals! (Learn more about Ordinals here!)

Ordinals were launched on the Bitcoin network in the beginning of 2023. At the time, like many new NFT tech launches, there was no official way to mint an Ordinal. Most of the "mints" that happened, consisted of a founder saying they were launching some Ordinals and for anyone interested to just "Send them some Bitcoin!". Obviously this is not ideal and led to many rugs as founders had no accountability or incentive to follow through on the request.

In the midst of this mess, we decided to create a mint platform that would function in a way all of us were used to: Connect Wallet>Press Mint>Approve>Receive NFT. Being that we are a Solana project and feel that Solana has the best blockchain technology, we decided to build the mint functionality on Solana's mint technology! Namely, you could use your Phantom wallet and existing Solana to mint an Ordinal. All you needed to do what enter your Bitcoin wallet to receive the Ordinal.

To say this was shocking would be an understatement! Beyond the simplicity in the mint functionality, we also simplified the ability for a founder to launch a project. Previously, if you wanted to launch a project, the founder would inscribe all the Ordinals beforehand and distribute to the "minters". This was quite expensive! Some larger collections spent six-figures up front to mint with this method. The Bitcoin Gumball Machine would cost the founder nothing!

We had a number of press-releases regarding the tech:

The Gumball Machine is continuing to be developed and will soon offer a free, self-service launchpad for founders as well the ability for individuals to inscibe images and BRC-20 tokens and more!

If you are a founder interested in launching with BGM, fill out the following application: Apply Now!


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