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SorriScapes The Next Episode

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"The Next Episode"

Mint Date: 9/23/2022
Mint Price: 0.05 SOL
Collection Size: 3,333
Artist: Sorriso


SorriScapes started out as an NFT called "The Next Episode."

TNE was launched by Sorriso to commemorate our MMCC's 1yr anniversary in 2022.

It was launched as a degen mint that cost less than a $1 and was initially intended to just be something cool to rally the community behind and celebrate the anniversary. Originally, every NFT was identical art. Then the team brainstormed a fun plan with the collection to make them each original pieces by Sorriso and represnt the popular skylines from around the world! So in 2023, we pushed out an art upgrade that made every The Next Episode, turn into a unique "SorriScape!"

That was just phase 1. The next plan is to turn them into dynamic NFTs that also represnt weather and day/night conditions from locations all over the world! We are still working on building this utility, but the goal was to be able to have one of these in a digital frame and have it change with the conditions you observe outside!

Just one more example of awesome art by Sorriso and a cool banner to use on Twitter!




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