42069: More than a Meme!

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"42069 - What is that all about anyway?"



We like to do things a little different with MMCC. We live in an attention economy now and it is the most evident in the world of web3 we operate in. So the system typically benefits those who can think outside the box... even if it is something "REALLY" outside the box.

List2Earn was born out of a couple ideas:

First, our current staking platform charges fees for staking... as do many staking platforms. There is also a max amount that you can stak at a time, which accentuated those fees for our largest holders.

Second, we were already planning on moving to a social staking solution for our MMCC ecosystem utility token $BRRR, that would reward holders who represent MMCC on Twitter.

Third, we liked the idea of leveraging platforms that the community was already using and could help to showcase our entire collection. A marketplace is an ideal fit for this.


So how does 42069 work?:

Quite simply, you list your OG Meerkat for exactly 42069 SOL on Magic Eden or Tensor! When we run our snapshots, you will be captured and qualify for rewards!


Many collections are scared to death when they see their listings start to climb. For MMCC, it is a badge of honor!


Where does the revenue come from?:

For our 42069 family, we have a different form of rev share. While our royalties payouts stem from the royalties earned from sales of OG Meerkats on marketplaces, 42069 payouts stem from alternate revenue sources for the project.

At the current time, that looks like this:

•  Bitcoin Gumball Machine Launchpad - Our launchpad earns fees when a creator uses it. These fees are split with our community and go into the 42069 Payout Pool.

Trait Swap and Marketplace - Our traits platform generates revenue from the usage of swapping traits and selling traits. These fees are sent to the 42069 wallet to be included in the 42609 Payout Pool

$SOL & $BRRR Toy Machines - Our Toy Machines are fun ways for our community to win NFTs and other prizes. They generate some revenue from the game side of it. This feeds into our 42069 Payout Pool.

• Other Project Revenue Intiatives - We have plans for other revenue generating items and these will also be part of this system!


Can You Earn Royalties AND 42069 Payouts?

Absolutely! Since royalties are based around how many OG Meerkats that you hold and 42069 payouts are based on listing at 42069, you absolutely can qualify for both as long as you hold at least 10 OG Meerkats and those are listed on Magic Eden or Tensor!


Why 42069?

Really? Well... besides the hopefully obvious (or search on Urban Dictionary if necessary), it is also an ode to when we came up with the idea. At the time, 42069 SOL equals almost exactly $1,000,000. We ARE the Meerkat Millionaires, so it is only fitting that the price for entry starts there.




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