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KWS Capital

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"KWS (Kats of Wall St.) Capital"

Launch Date: Jan 2023
Collection Size: 1,000 (Once Finished Minting)
Mint Price: 10 Naked Meerkats + 3SOL
Artist: Sorriso + Timon


KWS Capital was built from the community up! Back in November of 2022, SOL had collapsed to $8-10! Engagement was low, everyone was depressed with their bags getting hurt badly.

There were good opportunities to trade the fear that existed in the market and many of the community members had no experience in trading or technical analysis. So we decided it might be fun to pool funds together and rely on some of the knowledgable traders in the community to create a small group built around trading and alpha.

Since we had no current utility for Naked Meerkats, we decided that entry into this exclusive community would come thru burning 10 Naked Meerkats and minting a new collection called KWS Capital.

The Objective:

At the time, NFTs from a value and utility perpsective were very dead. The idea of an NFT that was linked to a firm value backing seemed like a way to potentially thrive in weak AND strong times.

How does it work?

Every KWS Capital that is minted contributes to the community fund. As the fund grows or shrinks, the specific value of each KWS goes up and down. If at any point you decide you no longer with to be part of the community, you are able to sell the NFT back to the fund for current value or sell on a seconday market like Magic Eden or Tensor.

This is a long term vision item. We still have a TON of Naked Meerkats to convert to KWS and will continue to look for ways to diversify the fund and give solid growth prospects.

What Else?

As a small collection, KWS is well suited towards combining with a gaming platform. As such, all gaming revenue from our newly launched KWS Games , will flow into the KWS fund to invest into diversifying our portfolio into lending pools as well as THOR by CyberFrogs!

How to Join KWS:


Purchase 10+ Naked Meerkats


Send Naked Meerkats to Burn Address: 



Request WL Token in Discord


Mint KWS Capital!




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