Naked Meerkats Beach Club

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Naked Meerkats Beach Club

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"Naked Meerkats Beach Club"

Launch Date: 10/25/2021
Original Collection Size: 10k
Current Collection Size: ~9,200
Original Mint Price: Free Airdrop to Holders
Artist: Sorriso


Naked Meerkats Beach Club is a collection that was born out of turmoil!

Meerkat Millionaires Country Club was launched in Sep/Oct 2021. Not long after we minted, the ecosystem got VERY nervous regarding any type of passive income or roaylty going back to a holder of an NFT. This was mainly due to an armchair lawyer scaring people with hollow threats and misguided language.

What does this have to do with Naked Meerkats? Well the OG collection (MMCC) paid royalties back to their holders. During the uncertainty that began to develop above, marketplaces started to inform us that they could no longer list the OG collection unless we remove the royalties utility. Since that was a non-starter for us, we began to look at developing a "compliant" collection in the event of a systematic purge of our OG collection. This is how Naked Meerkats were born. While we never intended to drop a whole extra 10k collection only a short three weeks after our mint (CRAZY!), we had to move to play offense.

We decided to make this a free airdrop to our holders (worth approx. 1 SOL or $215, at the time) that carried a standard royalty structure with no passive income or revenue share attached. Giving our community something to rep and trade publicaly while we work on developing a marketplace for a potentially outcast OG collection.

Luckily, the system came to its senses and the OG collection was never banned. So Naked Meerkats became a free airdrop that holders were able to keep or sell.

At the end of 2022, our community came up with a fun new idea to provide a path for this secondary collection! KWS Capital was born which requires a holder to burn 10 Naked Meerkats to gain entry. The ultimate goal will be for all Naked Meerkats to be burned for entry to KWS and live with a 1k collection instead of a 10k that is no longer necessary as originally intended.





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